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18 June 2018
Long gone are the days where Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are purely used to share holiday pictures or post a selfie. Memes have become the lifeblood of many social media platforms. Memes are where existing photos, videos or words have been edited and given humorous captions. They are then shared on various social media platforms. If you are still in need of an example, look no further than our very own Will from the Inbetweeners…

The way we communicate on social media may need to take a U-turn. Article 13 of the proposed EU Copyright Directive says that “Service providers…shall…take measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with the rightholders for the use of their works.” Measures can include using content recognition technologies.

This places the onus service providers (social media platforms) to avoid copyright infringements within their platforms. This apparent pressure placed on service providers to avoid copyright infringement could result in an overly cautious approach to the use of humour and satire in memes as we know them. In other words, no more sharing funny content online.

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